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What I Do

Stand out against the noise!

Standing out in an evolving and saturated online world is harder than ever. It takes a strong brand, search engine optimization (SEO), effective marketing, and a well-crafted website that will allow you to rise above the competitors. We integrate these tools to create an individualized digital strategy to reach your target audience. We want to bring your ideas to life and propel your business forward by ensuring you stand out in your digital market. 

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Web Design & Development

I know what you're looking for when seeking out someone else to build your site, a person that takes the time to really understand your business and what you want to accomplish. 

When we decide to work together you'll be working with me (Kyle Weese, see about page) the entire time. There's no outsourcing, no bouncing around a team of people, just you and me partnering in a journey to improve your business.

The website I build for you will encompass your business and what you stand for, and if it doesn't, i'll change it to get it right. But that doesn't happen often because of the time I take to understand the people I work with. 

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When creating your website, special care is taken to make sure that it encourages your visitors to take the appropriate actions. For example, there's no sense in creating a store that people aren't enticed to visit, so we integrate strategized calls to action to move visitors towards the appropriate end goal at every step of the way. 


I design your store to be as simple as possible with the end user in mind. And when it's done the power will be in your hands, its your store after all. So you'll have the same access to tools and analytics that I do.

Web Design
Logo Design

Yes, I've done logos! An essential part of any branding campaign, it needs to concisely represent what you're about. You probably have a general idea of what it should look like, but don't have the know how to make it. 

I can help, I've extensively used the programs to make you a logo in whatever format you need and I'll create as many drafts as needed to get it right. 

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Image by Bram Naus

So you want help creating ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Not a bad idea, these platforms are a great way to directly connect with people that want what your selling. They're faster and easier than google ads in my opinion, and with much more targetability than any non-digital marketing effort.


Social Media Marketing


SEO is one of the big buzzwords you'll hear when talking to web designers. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it's the language spoken by search engines to determine what sites get listed in what order. So this is important when building a site because the goal is to reach as high a ranking as possible. 

There's three main components to getting a site to rank highly:

1. The way the site is built: Mobile Readiness (meaning it looks good on a phone) and user friendliness are both important because they are key factors in whether or not people will want to spend time on your site. 


2. Content, Keywords, and Meta/Alt Tags: What this essentially translates to is telling google what is in the site using strategically picked keywords. Some are better than others for ranking well, based on how many people are using the term and how difficult it is to rank in those searches. Those chosen keywords then need to be integrated into the content of the site in a way that Google will pick up on. Then meta tags, which tell Google what is in a page so it can be indexed, need to be applied. Then alt tags are applied to other content that isn't text, since Google can't analyze things like pictures or video.

3. Backlinks: These are other sites that link back to yours and it's how Google establishes credibility. So this might translate to linking your new website to your social media, Google page, news listings, directories, sites like Google/Apple maps, etc. 

Don't worry if this sounds a bit overwhelming, this is the reason people like to hire guys like me :)

If you're wondering if the sites I've made rank well the answer is yes, The people I work with consistently tell me about the difference having a site makes in getting work vs not. 

Food Photographer

Product Photography

This was not initially supposed to be a service I offer, but it turns out I enjoy it quite a bit! I've done product photography for a number of people's online stores and I can do yours too! (Unless you're selling elephants or something, then I'll need a bigger studio)

Product Photography
Typing on a Keyboard

One of the main things to consider is that when working with me you'll only be working with me. Not me and a team of people you don't know. That's very rare, and it means your site will be made by someone that took the time to understand your business, not someone that's just been told about your business. 

Imagine being able to get a website made without the headaches of dealing with an entire team of people and being constantly bounced around. Imagine having a change you need made to your site, and instead of having to "submit a request" you can text me and it's done within an hour. 

I can't really type out the difference, but if you have a conversation with me you'll see. So call me, or read some of my Google Reviews if you aren't convinced.


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Image by William Iven
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